Expedition to India 2018


Expedition to Punjab, India – November 8-18, 2018


The Expedition to Punjab, India is still open but time is running out. Please read on…..


With Blessings Come Responsibilities


Count your blessings, name them one-by-one.

Count your many blessings see what God has done.

God continues to rain abundant blessings upon His children.  We see the contrast between the blessings we take for granted compared to the apparent lack of blessings afforded to the rest of the peoples, tribes, and nations of our World.

The danger for Christians is assuming that our many blessings have been given because we are Christians, Americans, free, wealthy, hard working, or otherwise deserving.  If we are able to acknowledge that all blessings come from God, why is there such disparity among the nations?  Does it seem fair that we enjoy hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, fast cars, smooth roads, police and fire protection as well as easily available education and medical care?  The vast majority of people living on earth do not have these things.  We are far more wealthy than most of the rest of the world.

So why are we so blessed?  Have you asked yourself this question?  There IS an answer and it is found in the Bible.  The answer is pretty simple and straightforward if we choose to believe it and act on it.  Ready?  Consider Psalm 67.

Psalm 67:1-2 “God be gracious to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine [a]upon us— That Your way may be known on the earth, Your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:7  God blesses us, That all the ends of the earth may fear Him.

The entire Psalm is about material blessing and was sung by Israel when the Lord provided the harvest.  It is a declaration of God’s purposes behind His blessings.  He pours blessings on us SO THAT we will take the message of His ways, His salvation, and the fear of the Lord to the nations.

The most profound blessing God has given us is Jesus.  With great care God also sent someone to us to tell us about Jesus and help us come to belief.  Our responsibility with all of God’s blessings is to be that someone who has the message of Jesus and is ready to tell others.  It is good to live in alignment with God’s purposes.

 Go, Send, or What?

It has been said that “if you love the glory of God and if you love people, you have three possibilities regarding missions; go, send, or disobey.”  This statement lands very hard on many Christians.  Some who are troubled by this statement may assume that a convenient Biblical alternative to “disobey” has been overlooked.  Apart from going and sending there is no other alternative for God’s children to respond to His command to go and make disciples.  He has put the task of spreading the Gospel squarely on us. 

Going is scary and complex.  Long-term and short-term missionaries have a lot of preparation in front of them.  Packing for the journey is the last item, not the first.  Preparation for the work, spiritual preparation, and fundraising keep the missionary busy before departure.  Wise missionaries work with experienced partners who have stepped out in faith and learned from previous mission work.  Joining a short-term team is a great way to overcome fears and complete the rigors of the going process.

Sending is far more complex than offering a ride to the airport.  Senders can be involved by giving, praying, provisioning, and encouraging those who go.  It is vital that senders be well informed about the details of the mission.  This promotes informed prayer in the church and helps the congregation track the progress of the mission.

Every single worshipper in the church is a Sender.  The church is called to be unified in worship and service.  As we join together to send goers on mission we build unity.  Sending is a church-wide blessing and responsibility to those who go.

Because of the many blessings we have received from the Lord we have a responsibility to the unreached.  Our responsibilities are carried out by going or sending others on mission.  The mission is to glorify God and spread the Gospel by telling Jesus’ story to all who have not heard.

Following the Lord’s Leading

If you have read this and the two previous “What’s Happening” E-mail messages (shown below) the Lord may have been speaking to you about coming with us to India.  When His ‘still small voice’ nudges us to step out in faith He will accompany us at every step, bless us, and protect us as we follow His leading.  Obeying God’s direction brings joy that gets stronger the more we exercise our faith and see His faithfulness.

Have you heard from the Lord?  Are you even a tiny bit drawn to come to India with us?  Take your first baby step of faith and get in contact with Dan Watson ASAP.  November 8 may seem like a long time in the future.  The clock is ticking and the door is still open.  There is much preparation needed.  Can’t decide?  Check out James 1 especially verse 5:


FOUR Big Reasons To GO.

  1. Urgency – The Race to Save

Everything in Missions is urgent. We cannot delay our efforts or presume someone else will go and do the work for us.

Jesus is returning soon to gather His Church. We don’t know when but He is on the way. Time is running out while the lost are dying, hence, the urgency. Are we anticipating and preparing ourselves for that day? Are we concerned about and helping to prepare the unreached for that day?

The world wide death rate of 105 deaths per minute should awaken us to the dangers faced by unreached peoples. In India, 18 people die every minute and the vast majority of these enter a Christless eternity. The unreached world is dying far faster than God’s people are reaching out with the Gospel. 

Our missions expedition in November will be significant in the lives of hundreds of Punjabi people. Many will hear the Gospel for the first time and many of those will make decisions for Christ. The destiny of many people will be altered as they are saved from darkness into the light of the Glory of God in the face of Christ. The more “tellers” of the Gospel the more Punjabi people will find the Truth of Jesus. Come with us and make a dent in this stronghold of Satan’s lies.   

  1. Compassion – The Drive to Save

Everything in missions is driven by compassion. Not guilt, not duty, not pity. Missional compassion is not about the poor, the sick, or the persecuted. God is aware of these conditions and is sovereign over all things (Romans 11:36). To be sure, we must be compassionate towards people suffering from poverty, sickness, and injustice. We are to help and comfort them out of love and concern as the Bible has instructed.

There is, however, a more serious condition from which most of the World suffers. Our missional compassion ought to be toward the lost peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations who are far from God or do not yet have access to the Gospel. Without access or someone to come and tell them they are at risk of not finding a way to be led to the saving grace of Jesus.

  1. We Carry the Cure.

What if you had a little vial of pills that could absolutely cure cancer? What if you then go and visit a cancer ward with those pills in your back pocket. Wouldn’t you have compassion on the people who were suffering and dying? Wouldn’t you give those pills away to everyone you could? Of course you would.

We live in a world in which most people are suffering from sin and dying without hope. We carry the cure not in our back pockets but in our hearts. Wouldn’t you have compassion on these desperate people? Wouldn’t you want to go tell them about the hope we have already received? Of course you would. So let’s go and do that. The opportunity in India is upon us.

  1. Mustard Seed Faith

Faith is a gift granted to us from God. It is not created by our internal “will power.” Got faith? Ask for it and it will be granted to you. With that God-given faith we will take the steps needed to prepare ourselves to go to Punjab, India in November. You will be trained and encouraged to engage with Punjabi people. We do the going and telling. Jesus does the forgiving and saving. The only way we can fail is to not go or not send.

No experience is necessary, just ordinary followers of Jesus with mustard seed faith. You probably already have this faith – here is a great opportunity to exercise it!

What is your response to the 4 points above? I’d like to know.

Dan Watson, dan.watson9646@gmail.com, 858-212-3558

Please make a note to attend the information meeting on July 8 after 2nd service.


Get a vision of what is happening in the picture. The person in the lower right is an American. Let’s call him Dave. He is a “teller” of the Gospel. To his right, an interpreter who translates what Dave says into the local language. In this setting the story of Jesus is being told to Indian people who have never heard it and maybe have never heard of Jesus at all. 

As a believer, Dave knew the Gospel. By faith he went to India with God-given confidence and compassion for the lost. Dave’s desire was to obey Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples. He received training to help tell the story of Jesus in a simple way that could be easily understood.

Envision this: Dave could just as well be you. Men, women, young, and old who love and trust Jesus are welcome and wanted. No experience is required. You will be trained, sent out in pairs, and accompanied by Christian interpreters. Jesus Himself has promised to be with us always (Matthew 28:20). 

Ridgeview Church has been invited to return to Punjab, India as we were last August. We are looking to find 10 “tellers” like Dave who are willing to take the steps of faith to come. We are “tellers” about Jesus. We will rely completely upon Him for courage, compassion, words to say, and results – all for His glory and our joy!


Discipleship  on Steroids

Expeditions like the one planned for November to Punjab, India are sometimes described as “Discipleship on Steroids” The preparation and experiences in the field will  strengthen faith and open your eyes to the unreached peoples of the world.

We are all commanded to “Go and make disciples…” By the grace and will of God this is what we will do. As a team we will be trained to share the Gospel and lead a very simple Bible discussion based on a basic scripture and a few simple discussion questions. Our approach will be gentle, culturally relevant, and easily understood by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab who have never heard the story of Jesus. 

Besides sharing the Gospel and leading a simple Bible discussion, we will focus some of our energy toward helping our Indian partners learn and practice the same approaches we demonstrate. Learning, practicing, and helping others to do the same IS discipleship. It’s exciting and great fun! Team members will be discipled, our Indian partners will be discipled, and as the Lord brings new believers, they will also be discipled. 

No previous experience is required to join the team and do these things. Ask the Lord for a willing spirit, compassionate heart, and God-given fearlessness. 

By the way, what is learned, practiced, and passed on in India can be taught, practiced, and passed on in Texas.  This is exactly what Paul taught Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2. 

An information meeting for this Expedition to Punjab, India will be held on Sunday July 8, 2018 after 2nd service.  If you cannot wait until then or have any questions at all, please contact Dan Watson at 858-212-3558 or dan.watson9646@gmail.com.

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